Selected Academic Writing

Siding With The Machines

Review of Robin Mackay & Armen Avanessian (eds.), #Accelerate: The Accelerationist Reader - review 31 (2014)

Perspectives on the Global Financial Crisis

Review of The Spectre at The Feast: Capitalist Crisis and the Politics of Recession by Andrew Gamble, The Great Credit Crash by Martijn Konings (ed.) and Crisis in the Global Economy: Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios by Andrea Fumagalli and Sandro Mezzadra (eds.)” Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies 5 (2012): 167-171. (download)

Sovereign Autoimmunity: Hägglund, Bataille and the Secular

Comparison of Martin Hägglund and Georges Bataille on the question of the secular and a suggestion of a new form of post-secular secularity based on Derrida's concept of auto-immunity.

In After the Postsecular and the Postmodern: New Essays in Continental Philosophy of Religion edited by Anthony Paul Smith and Daniel Whistler, 2010.

A Roundtable Discussion on Charles Taylor's Book A Secular Age

With Floyd Dunphy and Sarah Azaransky, with response from Charles Taylor. Political Theology 11(2) (2010): 299–300.

Selected Journalism

So Goes California, So Goes The Nation? Occupy Oakland and the Oakland General Strike
Open Democracy, 2011.